Area of competence Property Management

Commercial properties are income-earning properties which have to pay for themselves. Just as important as the economic viability of a property is the preservation of its value, which is protected by professional planning, management and maintenance. Here the priority is the integration of all relevant tasks into a conclusive overall concept which is implemented with both the client and the goal in mind.

Commercial management

An approach relevant to the property itself forms the basis for the coordination of both owner and user interests. Tenant management and optimisation of contracts are part of the daily routine of GGM. Consistent cost management through a consumption-based allocation of costs and systematic budget planning which give freedom of action for investment decisions are the main props of commercial management.

Technical management

The preservation of the property’s value assumes high-quality technical building management.

Infrastructural management

The visual impression of a property is the visiting card of the property for every investor and user. Through the strategic coordination and contracting-out of infrastructural services we ensure an attractive overall image for the building and control the security services in the properties.