Sustainable design and building. Sustainability as a part of life


Whoever wishes to build for the future, must meet the requirements of the present.

As laid down in the company’s business strategy, it is an inescapable duty for the OFB companies to accept responsibility for environment and society with sustainable design and building. Our mission statement stands for permanent customer relationship.


MAIN TOWER awarded LEED gold certification

In September 2011, MAIN TOWER, the headquarters of Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen (Helaba) in Frankfurt am Main , was certified in accordance with the standards of LEED and awarded the GOLd status. Within the certification process, all criteria with respect to building technology, environmentally friendly operation and conservation of resources were analysed.


It is Germany’s first existing building to receive this award. Already in 1999 on completion of the building by OFB, it met high standards of architecture and energy efficiency. Today, the 200 metre high skyscraper is equipped with the highest level in state-of-the art building technology.

MAIN TOWER awarded LEED Gold certification

JUNGHOF awarded LEED Gold

After MAIN TOWER, the headquarters of Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen (Helaba) in Frankfurt am Main, was awarded the LEED Gold status in 2011 in accordance with the standards of “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” (LEED) in the sector LEED Existing Buildings: Operation & Maintenance, a second existing building of Helaba – JUNGHOF – was awarded the Gold status. Hence, the Helaba portfolio comprises of the first and second existing building to have received this seal of sustainability.

JUNGHOF, completed in 2003 at a very prominent location, offers a unique working atmosphere. The building is very impressive with its extravagant aluminium arched roof and the timeless mix of modern architecture and historical style elements. The innovative building technology guarantees sustainability and an extremely positive energy balance.

The certification process began in summer 2011 and was finalised in January 2012. Building technology and numerous sustainability standards with respect to an environmentally friendly and resource conserving operation were examined and proved to meet the LEED criteria for a Gold certification.

Sustainability in the Helaba: